Thats one reason I am not excited either madden 23

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Thats one reason I am not excited either madden 23

Hozzászólás Szerző: anqilan456 » 2022.08.16. 09:45

I really, really wish they gave me something to be excited about but that I can not help but feel like it's going to be more of the same. Only a brand new broken five plays that are ran at an obnoxious clip for a full calendar year. Expecting the power of next gen can lead to meaningful improvements especially with the AI Mut 23 coins. Just have always felt like M21 will be a"punt" year while they gear up for M22 being fully tailored to next gen.

Thats one reason I am not excited either. If I perform online I will only get frustrated. And solos get boring after a while in MUT. Agreed, I will hold out minor hope the manual zone depth will help suppress everyone running the identical stuff but if history is any indication there will be many broken stuff to exploit.

This season, the long-running Madden NFL sim series is adding The Yard, a mode that reproduces the type of ball we played with our front lawns and at the playground growing up. The soccer franchise is a continuing best-seller and money-maker for the publisher, which sells millions of copies and makes more money off in-game trades. Additionally, it has things for sale on cellular, and this manner will be on both mobile and the console/PC platforms. So it gives a method for players to participate one, with the long run series that I'm sure EA hopes translates well on livestreams. With this casual football mode, EA is also hoping to grow Madden's audience madden nfl 23 coins.

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