Madden 22 also introduced an expanded scenario engine

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Madden 22 also introduced an expanded scenario engine

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Fourth quarter "Offense took over the final quarter beginning with an Bengals touchdown offensive led by Burrow which culminated with a 13-yard touchdown pass that was completed by Tee Higgins Madden 22 coins. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and the Rams came back with a touchdown throw at Odell Beckham Jr. which tied the game within the last minute of the fourth.

With just enough time on the clock, Burrow leads the Bengals on their final drive, where Evan McPherson kicks a game-winning 49-yard field shot, giving players of the Bengals the first Super Bowl victory in franchise history."

But, of course Madden isn't always flawless in its simulation. If you decide to believe that the Bengals will take home this year's Super Bowl is up to you. Make sure to watch the big game and see what happens on the 13th of February, which is Sunday.

Madden NFL 22 predicts Cincinnati Bengals win in Super Bowl. The Cincinnati Bengals will win Super Bowl LVI over the LA Rams, according to predictions made by the an online simulation of football game Madden NFL 22. With its track record in the past, Rams fans might have enough reason to be bit worried.

A clip of the Super Bowl prediction featuring retired Seattle Seahawks running back Marshan Lynch appeared in Twitter today cheap madden coins. As per Madden NFL 22, the Bengals are expected to win the win over the Rams with a score of 24-21.

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